Monday, 11 April 2011

Sustrans Art

Sustrans (the sustainable transport charity) commissions art and research projects as part of it's mission to encourage people to walk, cycle and use public transport more.

Lot's of info about it:

Projects include:

Sensory Journeys (artist Christian Nold) - fascinating sensory maps developed with schoolchildren highlighting the difference in experience between walking/cycling or being driven

Portrait Bench - people from each local community in the Connect2 programme will choose 3 local heroes and their portraits will be cut out of corten steel and situated with a bench on the path - I wonder who Glasgow will choose for the Bridge to Nowhere paths...

Tranquility (by Liminal - a partnership between architect Frances Crow, and sound artist and composer David Prior) - a multi-disciplinary investigation commissioned by Sustrans with support from The Wellcome Trust to investigate the perception of sound and the effect of unwanted sounds on an individual's psychology. This project had several outputs - one of which, the Organ of Corti won the PRSF New Music Award.

The Organ of Corti

and there's more, but later...

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