Saturday, 7 May 2011

Bike Chain Sculpture

Looking at work of other people who've played with bike chain...

Here's a kinetic sculpture using bike chain by Arthur Ganson - Resident Sculptor at MIT

I really like his stuff, he does all sorts of amazing kinetic sculptures - I don't know how well his work relates with other contemporary art (though probably a lot more easily than Sharmanka)- he's a bit of an odd one.  But I have to say I find his pieces fun, entertaining, thought provoking and probably more emotional than anything else mechanical I've ever seen. He's very popular - albeit probably more in science circles than the art world.

There's a fascinating presentation by him on where he talks about his work 
(though not the bike-chain piece unfortunately)  
The guy is obviously a mechanical genius - my head hurts trying to understand how he can come up with this stuff..

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